What we do


Eva transforms your house into gorgeous!  For over 30 years she has guided people like you through the complexities of permits, designs, materials, work crews and construction—- and she makes it easy.  She has had some repeat clients for over 20 years and even most of her crew has been with her for over 10 years.  That’s a huge advantage for you since both clients and crew members know they are going to be working with Eva on the next project.  That means reliable crews who want to do the best job possible since their next job is dependent on the quality of the work they do on your home.

Remodeling your home can drive you crazy trying to figure what you need, when you need it, how much it’s going to cost and dealing with some unreliable contractors who disappear for days leaving you with a construction site in the middle of your kitchen or bathroom.  Do you want to have to figure out where to find crews that will be there and do the work they say they’ll do?  Do you want to wade through the marshes of city, county and state permits?  Do you want to take the time to cost different materials and designs?  Most of us wouldn’t know where to begin. But Eva does.

Since Eva usually does one project at a time—your project—then unlike most general contractors, she is on site  everyday.  This is radically different from most general contractors who try to get as many jobs as possible at once, and then shift crews among the different sites as best they can.


Most work falls into one of three categories: 

 1. Soft story-—this is work on the steel frame and foundation of the house or building. It includes retrofitting or fitting for earthquake preparedness, including conforming to all local laws and regulations.

2.  Kitchens and bathrooms—the most popular remodeling jobs are updating kitchens and bathrooms.  These are the two areas that also add the most value to your home.

3.  Exterior painting or decoration —Eva will work with color consultants and other outside consultant  you may have or she can provide the design, crews and work without inconveniencing you with dust, paint cans and drop cloths all over the house.


Your first meeting with Eva will be exciting.  You know she can handle things and you don’t have to.   She will help you make your dream house come true.  Eva will talk with you and help you choose, colors, designs, materials and structural improvements.

You make the final decision on everything so it will be always be exactly the way you want it to be.  Get started on your next dream—call (415) 420-8345 or email artisoul11@gmail.com



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