How we do it


First set up a walkthrough meeting with Eva. During that meeting you can bring anything you want to help her visualize what you want to do—designs, colors, pieces of ornaments or other physical ways to explain visually what you are looking for. Eva will gently guide you through all your questions and show you the kinds of decisions you’ll be making. The more specific and concrete the better.


Eva will walk you through the permits and approvals you will need from the city, county and/or state. This is a critical element of how long the remodel will take, and how much it will cost.  Sometimes what you want to do is easy and already fits the existing process.  Sometimes it doesn’t exactly fit the forms, and Eva can help you get the applications approved faster than doing it on your own.


It is impossible to predict exactly how long a project will take, or when different workers may be in your house. That’s another reason it’s critical that Eva brings her own loyal crews that much more predictable than guessing how long a stranger will take to complete a given task.  You and Eva will work out a draft of a calendar setting down each milestone, evidence of completion, costs, and other key points.


We know you cherish your home.  We will respect it as much as you do. We know you may be a little uneasy having people in your house that you don’t know.  Clients rightly get emotional about having people they don’t know making a big mess in their home.  The behavior and respect of the workmen is a critical part of making your experience fun and uplifting.

Usually it’s all men on the crews although there can be exceptions.  Eva is fluent in English but she is able to increase the communication between her and her crews by using a multi-cultural mix of workers with a focus on Polish or Ukrainian immigrants that can speak with her in their native language. A lot of contractors will just hire workers they don’t know that they can’t actually communicate with at the level of detail needed to make your plans a reality.  She can convey subtleties to the workers that aren’t possible when the participants are both speaking English as a second or even third language.  This can be a critical advantage, especially in surprise situations.

The crews are held to the highest standards (remember, they want to work with Eva again) and attention to details.  Eva seeks to achieve as much of perfection as she can on each job.  Another key is that Eva and crews are emotionally stable.  A lot of people don’t think about that when they hire a contractor, but who wants strangers in their house who are working out personal differences when they are working in your home.  You will be surprised at what a difference a calm contractor and crew make to enhancing your experience.

Contact Eva at 415.420.8345 or email

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